Mason Media

Code + design = harmony.

My coding and design go hand in hand. I love design. I love making things move and seeing a few lines of code turn into magic on the screen. I love modern elegance blended with radical, messy boldness. I code in an effort to execute the designs, functions, and movements I dream.

Most of my designing takes place in the browser. Coding things and seeing them instantly come to life is both functional and immediately rewarding. While a tasty photoshop mockup is impressive, it's worthless if it can't be translated into living, breathing code. Knowing what designs will work, on all devices, screens sizes, and browsers, allows me to maximize efficiency and flexibility in creating web experiences. Coding and design work together to create a harmony of form and function.

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Mason Media Coding and Front End Development.
I use a variety of languages and frameworks including HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, Wordpress, and Angular 7.
My favourite coding approach is to design and experiment live in the browser.  I spend a lot of time in the inspector checking out others' code and debugging, and am always researching trends, methods, and best practices in coding and design.